There’s a ton right outside your door in the heart of Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. From world-class restaurants to some of the city’s favorite parks, there’s so much to do within only steps from home. How many steps, you ask? Here are just a few examples of just how close your new favorite spots will be, all within less than 1000 steps.

  • To upscale Italian fare and cocktails downstairs at Tavolàta: Zero
  • To push your limits and build strength just down the elevator at Studio 45: Zero
  • To get your hair cut or styled at Bishops: Zero
  • To beach-inspired happy hours on the patio at neighboring Manolin: 169
  • To your morning espresso fix at the Stone Way Café: 225
  • To artisan brews in the Urban Beer Garden at Fremont Brewing: 303
  • To start your day stress-free just across the street at Bala Yoga: 334
  • To award-winning fine dining at The Whale Wins: 470
  • To pick up new additions to your plant-family at Urban Earth Nursery: 649
  • To dog walks and picnics with stunning lake views at Gas Works Park: 911
And that’s just by foot. You won’t even need to tighten your laces to explore a world of possibility near The Hayes on Stone Way. And since you’re on several bus lines, near the longest regional bike path, and close to both major freeway entrances, you can be anywhere in a matter of minutes.

It’s a super quick commute to the Google Main Campus in Seattle (only a few blocks away), the new Expedia Interbay Campus, and the neighboring Wallingford neighborhood, which offers its own list of diverse dining and shopping options.

Experience Fremont’s Culinary Delights

Whether you're yearning for a gourmet dining adventure, a quaint café setting, or a vibrant pub vibe, Fremont has everything you desire. Delight in mouthwatering flavors spanning the globe, relish in locally sourced ingredients, and savor craft beers from the area's top-notch breweries. Whether you prefer family-friendly venues or trendy hotspots, Fremont's culinary landscape caters to all tastes. Explore our Map page for the trendiest spots in Fremont.

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food
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Enjoy a Variety of Community Events

Immerse yourself in the lively community events that unfold in Fremont. A Fremont highlight is the famed Fremont Solstice Parade, an iconic and unconventional parade that celebrates the summer solstice with colorful costumes, art features, and lively performances. You will love the unique spirit and camaraderie that define this dynamic community.

Embrace the Outdoors

Whether it's kayaking on Lake Union, or simply unwinding in local parks like Gas Works Park and Woodland Park, Fremont provides a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. As a resident, you have the privilege of enjoying leisurely strolls along the Burke-Gilman Trail, taking in scenic views of the water and the city skyline. And don’t forget to explore the Fremont Sunday Market, a year-round market that takes place every Sunday and features a diverse range of vendors offering fresh produce, handmade crafts, and vintage finds.

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Dive into a World of Cultural and Artistic Experiences

Fremont is a well-known captivating hub of arts and culture. Enjoy art walks showcasing local talent, explore eclectic galleries, and witness the neighborhood's unique public art such as the iconic Fremont Troll. Festivities such as Fremont Oktoberfest offer vibrant seasonal experiences. Whether it's participating in a workshop or attending a live performance at Fremont Abbey Arts Center to attending a lively concert at Nectar Lounge, Fremont invites residents to celebrate and contribute to the rich cultural tapestry that defines this dynamic neighborhood.