Yeah, there’s a ton right outside our apartments in Fremont, Seattle. Quite literally within about 2 blocks. But let’s take it a little farther afield:

To the trail to get your sweat on: 450
To the Fremont Sunday Market: 1000
To thee theatahhh: 2200
To Green Lake: 2800
To a giant troll eating a VW bug: 800
To the zoo: 3400
To the aaaaahs of the July 4th Fireworks: Zero…view from the rooftop!
To stock up on groceries: 2010
To the first of a dozen sushi joints: 1600

And that’s just by foot. You won’t even need to tighten your laces to explore a world of possibility near The Hayes Apartments on Stone Way. And since you’re on a bunch of bus lines, near the longest regional bike path and close to both major freeway entrances, you can be anywhere in a matter of minutes.